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The Deborah Flores Band
Groovin', soulful, funky R&B and Jazz...

"Deborah Flores is an artist whose integrity and artistry are the perfect compliment to her passion. She's more than a singer, she's a gifted songwriter and lyricist too. Step woman has something to say and I for one am listening!"

Cameron Smith
Host Smooth Jazz TV
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While on the road for 25 years, I have worked with hundreds of incredible musicians in the Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles & San Diego areas.

Most notable was working with Bill Medley of 'The Righteous Brothers,' and in 1976, singing on Bill Cosby's Jazz album "Not Himself These Days," on Capitol Records.

On 'Not Himself These Days' album, I sang the 'Yes,Yes,Yes' track.

Musicians on the Cosby album are: Tony Drake – Guitar, Larry Farrow – Keyboards, Stu Gardner – Piano, Al Hall, Jr. – Trombone, Fred Jackson, Jr. – Saxophone, Melvin Moore – Trumpet, Nate Neblett – Drums, Ray Parker, Jr. – Bass, Guitar, Doug Richardson – Flute, Saxophone, David Sheilds – Bass, Wah Wah Watson – Guitar.

The Band on the 'Step Aside' CD...
Vocal Group - 'Seraph',   Rap -'Dookati',  
Drums -Stephen Anderson,   Piano - Jonathan Decuir, Jeff McCullough,
Bass - Marcus Miller, Nathan Brown;   Sax - Eric Marienthal, Keith Jacobson, Jason Weber;
Guitar - Randy Jacobs, Jeff Vires, Nick Maybury, Mark Huls

In addition to those mentioned, more Southern California musicians I've worked with are::
  • Melvin Lee Davis
    Dave Stark Larry Durrell
    Kevin Flornoy
    David Anderson
    Nathan Brown
    Randy Jacobs
    Darrell Williams
    Chad Wright
    Todd Hunter
    Tommy Aros
    Patrick Yandell
    Tony Moore
    Noriko Olling
    Jorge Camberos
    Burt Brion
    Russell Bissett
    James East
    Jonathan Decure
    Tony Lee
    Mark Shapiro
    Bobby Cressey
    Robert Lanoza
    Jason Weber
  • Mike Houguin
    Jose Molina Serrano
    Cesar Lozano
    Bob Campbell
    Duncan Moore
    Ed Graves
    James Allen
    Gary Santo Pietro
    Derek Bordeaux Band
    Fred Brick
    Gilbert Ardilla
    Richard Sellers
    Monette Marino
    Walter Turner III
    Jorge Bernudez-Aburlito
    Derek Cannon
    Max Zape
    Paul Kimbarow
    Cecil McBee Jr.
    Kamau Kenyatta
    Ricky Tank-Daughtridge Jr.
    Reggie Smith
    Allan Phllips
  • T.J. Brinjak
    Louis Torres
    Tres Sojourn Hodgens
    Kyle Wolverton
    Tony John Sacco
    Randy McCellan
    Greg Crocket
    Larry Mitchell
    Ralph Templeton
    Lee Farrell (director:Bill Medley band)
    Ernie Becquer
    Roger Friend
    Robert McDonald
    Lee Farrell
    Michael Kennedy
    Kevin Prince
    John (J-Dub) Williams
    Larry Grano
    Matthew Clowmsiger
    Bob Sale
    John Klokow
    Leigh Taylor
Finally, I would also like to thank the many musicians I've worked with throughout the States and in Europe.

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Listen to her Sound!

Deborah Flores - Dream on Dreamer
Each Song on this CD is special. Deborah carefully chose each tune to capture the energy and passion she has brought to the stage for years.

During the recording process she was so inspired she co-wrote 3 new tracks with her producer Jeff McCullough.

Listen to a few selections from the CD then get a copy for yourself.