Deborah Flores is originally from San Francisco, California. She says she grew up surrounded by music - the sounds of Jazz, Soul, R&B, Gospel and Pop music. Her "father sang and her mother was possessed of natural rhythm." "We listened to fabulous albums at home; the music of Ella Fitzgerald, B.B King and other great artists always filled the air.” Her parents musical talents were also passed on to her brothers, who were seasoned performers with the Mason and Kahn Studios in San Francisco when she was growing up. She was told that Mr. Kahn, director of the Ice Follies at that time, loved the natural-born talent her brothers brought to the stage.

At a young age, Deborah was groomed to be a performer. Looking back, she says, "I had a wonderful music teacher in high school who gave me the freedom to explore my musical interests. Our high school vocal group played many events around the San Francisco Bay Area.” She won a music contest sponsored by the Talented Teen Foundation and sang her way through six European countries; she was also invited and accepted an opportunity to be a solo vocalist in Acapulco, Mexico.

She began taking dance and vocal lessons and modeling. As a young teen, she toured with the "Duane Dancers." She both sang and danced in various stage shows for our military troops and several variety shows. During this time, she became "very popular," performing pop, R&B and show tunes all over Northern California. Her road experience propelled her into singing with country music greats Red Merrill, Buck Owens and many more.

Deborah’s electrifying energy on stage brought her many appearances all over the San Francisco Bay Area. She was the featured vocalist in the Miss California Twin Pageant, and at several San Francisco hotels. Her vocal popularity landed her a contract with the Hilton Corporation. At age 17, she traveled to New York to audition with Warner Brothers. The audition was a hit, and she was offered a vocal recording contract with Warner Brothers but chose not to accept it.

When she returned to California, the Hilton Corporation in San Francisco sent her to Las Vegas to work with the "Fiascos." From there she was hired by Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers as a background singer. She said that being around high-profile performers such as Dizzy Gillespie, B.B. King, Glen Campbell, and the king himself, Elvis, to name a few; it further developed her vocal and dance finesse.

She lived in Las Vegas for 10 years. She said her gigs took her to Lake Tahoe and Reno where she performed in many Casinos. As a solo vocalist, She traveled to New York, Atlanta, and Alabama. When she returned to Northern California, she fronted her own bands "Sweetwater” and "Fahrenheit.”

Deborah says, "Everything I do in life leads me back to my music. If we all spent time doing what we love we would all be happier people, with the ability to give that love out to others." "Good music has nothing to do with the style; good music is the kind of music that hits you in the heart, mind and soul!” "Singing is more than a talent; it's more like a reason for being, a spiritual force and guiding passion of your life," this demonstrates the way Deborah Flores delivers a song. From a beautiful emotional ballad to a passionate high energy R&B Funk melody, she gives her all to the audience."

Deborah has been on various musical recording projects through out the years, including a Jazz album Bill Cosby produced in the 80’s with performers such as Ray Parker Jr. Most recently Deborah is a background and guest vocalist on jazz artist, Burt Brion’s CD, "Say the Word”.

A person whole heartedly committed to her music, Deborah looks forward to growing in her craft and sharing her talents with the world.